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Note:This is from a journal write that I came across after a friend posted some of her journal writes.  I don’t remember writing it at all but I found it scratched in my hand as if I had done it under some kind of trance.   I guess this shows that journal writes can produce interesting results.  

I want steamy eyes looking at me.  I can’t tell anyone.  Not even me.  But they are there.  Dark brown eyes watching intensely.  I want steaming eyes looking at me.

I know they’re there.  My moves become deliberate.  Looking innocent, I pose, pausing, pouting, pretending. Straps fall off my shoulders.  He’s out there watching me.

I should scream.  No.  I stretch, my arms reaching upward, my back arching and off it comes.  There’s coolness all over me.  I relish it.  I know the dark brown eyes are watching me.

Slowly, deliberately I reach for the lotion, massaging down from my neck.  My hand lingers on my breast as I look out into the blackness of the night knowing someone is watching me.

Lotion smoothly caresses the ample bulk then the tender darkness of my stiffening nipple, yearning to be touched.  A silent inner moan as someone intently watches me.

My hot breasts yearning to be cooled by the heat of the cinnamon lotion and so my fingers linger there, gentle at first then with rapid vigor, aching for the eyes that are watching me.

Craving for that touch, aching for coolness the lotion cannot bring.  Arching back, hands pleasuring me, forgetting the steamy brown eyes that are watching me.

Instinctively the lotioned hands drop to the soft, wet crevice that begs for human touch.  I’m lost from all but the touch and  the need and I forget that those chocolate eyes are watching me.


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