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The California Supreme Court has just ruled on Same-Sex Marriages. LEGAL under California’s Constitution! Yes!

The ruling, which is not appealable, has said that marriage is such a basic and fundamental right that it should not be withheld from any person or any group and that separate rights for gay and lesbian couples are not EQUAL rights. In other words, a “UNION” is not the same as a marriage. This gives same sex couples the right to go into any California marriage license office and file for a marriage license, beginning tomorrow. The marriages will be equal and not separate from heterosexual marriages.

While this doesn’t directly affect me, I am really excited about it. I have always that the same about the separate but not equal factor of unions. In my opinion, same sex couples should have every right (and by default, every responsibility) given to heterosexual couples. Why not? We’re all the same. When it comes down to it, we’re all the same. Why not honor their right to enjoy(?) marriage and family and all the things that heterosexual couples enjoy?

The case was argued only under California law, not Federal law. This means that the ruling cannot be over-turned by Federal law. If anyone wants to change the ruling, they will have to take steps to change California’s constitution.

I think we’ll see a flood of marriage applications in the morning!


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