I remember a lot from when I was growing up but usually it is the negative things that haunt my mind. It is a rare treat to think of …to remember… the happy times…the happy thoughts. High school was probably the happiest time of my life. I was someone. I mattered. People looked up to me. I had no obligations. My only duties were to keep my grades up and follow through on my extra curricular activities but that was okay. I loved school and I loved writing for the school newspaper. At school I could be me. At school I could be happy and honest. At school I could be myself. Continue Reading »


Weekend Away

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This week’s Writer’s Island prompt is Time Travel.  Here’s my try: 

Sherry tumbled to the floor next to her bed, immediately realizing that it had happened again.  This was the third time she knew of but she suspected that there had been more times of which she was unaware.

What had happened this time?  She got up and looked in the mirror, searching for evidence to help her figure out what had happened.  She was wearing a simple wreath of daisies in her hair and what appeared to be a tattoo of a peace sign on her cheek.  Sherry rubbed at it and realized that it was just drawn on.  Whew!  She was relieved.

Looking down at her clothes she noticed the clothes she had seen in photographs.  Her denim pants, patched as they were, appeared to be very wide bell-bottomed pants.  She was wearing a halter top made from a multicolored tie dyed bandana.  Sherry had beads around her neck and on her wrists.  Bringing her wrist near her eyes to look at the colorful beads, she got a whiff of a strong scent she couldn’t place.  It was musky and made her feel dizzy.  She didn’t know what the scent was but she was certain it wasn’t anything that belonged in her time.

What had she missed?  She rushed to her desktop computer and turned it on.  The date said it was February 18, 2008.  Wow!  The last thing she remembered was Friday morning when she had left for school.  Friday had been the 15th.  She had lost four days!  Had anyone noticed?  What would she say?  Her mother would be frantic, then she’d be mad as hell when she realized Sherry was fine.  Then Sherry  remembered with relief!.  Her mother wasn’t home.  She had gone away with her boyfriend, Chuck.  They had left on Thursday after work, for a Valentine’s weekend.  With Monday being a holiday, they were staying away and coming home late Monday night.  Tonight!  What time was it?  Were they home?  No.  The house was quiet and one look out the window told her that her mother’s Prius wasn’t in the driveway.

Safe!  She was safe.  Or relatively.  Now she just had to figure out what she had done for the four days and if there would be any lingering manifestations to deal with.  She’d have to figure out what to say about why she hadn’t gone to school.  That is IF she hadn’t gone.  She had some checking to do.  Sherry remembered the last time she had lost time.  She had come to with a horrible hangover.  She didn’t even drink but wherever she had gone and whomever she had become had quite a lot to drink and Sherry had to pay the price!

The car driving into the driveway sent Sherry running into the bathroom.  She would lock herself in there and run the shower.  That would give her some time to collect herself.  And she had to wash that pungent smell off of her, too!

And So I Ramble…

A while back I had to have my cable box replaced because it stopped responding to the signal sent from Comcast.  When I picked up the new one, they gave me no instructions and no schematic drawing.  I figured it was a piece of cake and brought it home.  It took me about a week to get it set up.  I tried and tried but I couldn’t get any picture.  I finally had to call the 800 number and cross my fingers that I got an English speaking person.

The nice man at 1-800-Comcast got me all set up.  He was very patient and waited for me to get under and behind and around all the furniture surrounding my cable box.  I did it and  I had cable!  Yay!  The sweet smell of success!

However, I didn’t set up my DVR at that time.  I tried to do it the next day and couldn’t get it.  I followed the schematic on the directions for the DVR but I still couldn’t get it connected and working.   This surprised me because the first time I set it up last summer, I did so on the first try!  Same drawing.  Same instructions.  Same equipment.  No success.

And so I left it alone for a while.  But I have movies that I want to watch and I am not feeling well this weekend.  I knew it was going to be a stay in bed weekend so I tried to hook up the DVR again.  This time I had partial success.  I have a picture but no sound.  While the DVD plays, I have the cable TV sound.  Not good.  I know it has to do with the audio in and out but I can’t figure it out.  I’m thinking I must need another cable for the audio in and out.  I must have it here someplace, but where is it?

I gave up and watched cable TV instead.  Of course, they give you no directory and no list of which channel is showing what.  So I had to use the remote to go through each channel.  If I caught it during a commercial, I had to either wait til it was over or skip it and go on to the next of 979 channels.  Not fun.  One of the problems is that I can’t see the writing on the TV, you know, the bit at the bottom that tells you the channel number and what is showing and all that info.  I can’t see it.  The only way I can see it is if I get up out of bed and come stand next to the TV and look for it and even then it is blurry!

Now I am hoping that one of my daughters will take pity on me and help me hook it up.  The last time I asked one of them she bit my head off after spending about an hour on it with no success.  She said, “Why do you ask me to do things I can’t do?  You know that once I get started I’m not going to stop until I’ve done it and I’m tired!”  Maybe I’ll ask the other one this time.  Of course, it will have to wait til they come because this has been an all alone weekend.  I’ve been alone, not feeling well, with no DVD player all weekend.

Actually, when they come, I’ll ask them to go get me some food first.  Then I might ask about the DVD sound thingy!

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Thursday Thirteen

For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I’ve decided to give you my list of thirteen movies to watch when you are in a romantic mood (or want to get into one). Each is described in a succinct thirteen words. Maybe you can watch one tonight? I have most of them on DVD. I will have to pick one or two or three to watch tonight.

Same Time Next Year—(Alan Alda & Ellen Burstyn) Two married people meet and begin a relationship spanning many decades. Much humor!

You’ve Got Mail—(Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan) Modern day romance through email and instant messaging. Humorous, captivating; a must see!

Sleepless In Seattle—(Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan) Widowed father is set up by his young son. Will Dad go along?

Serendipity—(John Cusack) A chance meeting begins a frantic search to reunite with the perfect mate.

Practical Magic—(Sandra Bullock) Two sisters’ close connection causes problems as they protect each other. Charm, romance.

The Notebook—True love carries this couple from youth to old age and way beyond.

Chocolat—Independent woman and her young daughter move around. Will they ever settle down?

Under the Tuscan Sun—Divorcee vacations in Tuscany; becomes enamored with it. Will love ever find her?

City of Angels—Doctor becomes obsessed with saving patients, while an angel becomes enamored of her.

From Here To Eternity—A timeless love story set in days surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pretty Woman—Business man picks up a questionable companion to for the week. Love follows.

Dirty Dancing—Family vacations in Catskills; teen falls in love with the forbidden “wrong guy”.

Dr. Zhivago—Epic love story spanning classes and time. Set during Russian Revolution. Beautifully filmed.

One Of My Lost Poems

Saturday, September 11, 2004


I sit. I wait. I wonder.

Tonight? Yes? Maybe. Maybe not.
I guess I have to wait. I have to wonder
As I sit.

Waiting is not fun.
Now if it were a sure thing that I was waiting for,
that would be different.

But I don’t know for sure.
It’s out of my hands. Out of my control.
So I sit and wait and wonder.

Not fun.
Not fun.
Not fun.

Blah blah blah

Finding things I lost

I just came across a number of blogs I began a while back then forgot, or more accurately abandoned.  There were four of them.  One of them had only two entries and there wasn’t anything of substance there so I was able to figure out how to delete that one.  The others I am keeping, for now.  I like some of what I wrote on there and I don’t have any of it backed up so I will leave them until I decide if I want to back that stuff up or not.

One of them, Morning Pages, I like.  If you are familiar with Julia Cameron‘s  The Artist’s Way, you’ll recognize where this comes from and what must be in there.  While it isn’t of a lot of value, I like it because a lot of what I wrote in those few posts (less than 20) is stuff about me.  Stuff about my feelings and some of my dreams.  Stuff about getting old and feeling young.

Yeah.  I think I’ll hang on to those for a while.  Maybe I will begin keeping my morning pages again.  It’s a neat concept and a wonderful practice.


Check it out yourself, here.

Artist’s Way graphic

Challenging Absence of Mind

This is an answer to a challenge found here.  The topic is absentmindedness.  The task is to write a limerick and/or a haiku.

A Silly Haiku

Coffee, keys, remote

Where did they go?  Oh no!

I forgot again


And a limerick or a doubt…

There once was a girl named Scout

Who lived alone without a doubt

She could not find a thing

Nor her sparkly diamond ring

And so her face wore a perpetual pout!