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“True friendship is like a rose.  We don’t realize it’s beauty until it fades.” –Unknown

This rose was in the parking lot where I parked the other day.  It was so beautiful that I had to photograph it. I’m glad I stopped to catch it.  Next time I go to that parking lot, it will have opened completely and probably wilted.  Thank goodness for small cameras that fit in purses!

*I don’t know the name of this rose but to me, it looks like fire!


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A Mother’s Consolation

At least I know they’re all good kids. I hear it from everyone. All three have learned to be good, decent humans. It didn’t happen by itself. I had something to do with it. Their father only taught them that there are selfish, self-centered people in the world. I get compliments on the kids all the time. Everyone tells me what great kids I have. That’s my consolation. They’ve turned out to be dependable, decent, and caring people AND they learned it from me!

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Footsteps echoed in the darkness.  The stillness of the night allowed me to hear everything~
cats prowling in the bushes, a distant cough, joggers’ feet lightly touching the ground, and yes, those footsteps

I wondered who the footsteps belonged to.  They were firm, solid footsteps.  Self-assured.  This person knew who they were, what they wanted, and where they were going.  I admired that.  I always have.

The two men I have been most attracted to in my life had that walk…the one that told me they knew who they were.  The one that told me they knew where they were going.  No, they probably had a lot of doubts about who they were and where they were going, but what I mean is that they had this inner knowledge of who they were as a person and what they were willing to do and not do to remain true to themselves.  They knew where they were going in that they knew which lines they could cross and which they could not.

I liked that about them.  I still do.  And I hope that one day the footsteps echoing in the darkness will be coming toward me, toward my house, my person, my life.

(written from a prompt: footsteps echoed in the darkness)

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When I was in college, my niece lived near my parents and when I went home for vacations, she spent a lot of time at our house. She was the cutest and one of the smartest little girls I had ever seen. I think she was about five or six at the time. Her favorite show was Sesame Street. The show having premiered when I was in 8th grade, I had never seen it before my niece began to watch it but I enjoyed watching with her. I found it entertaining and educational. My favorite character was Cookie Monster and I could not understand why my niece would start crying and leave the room whenever Cookie Monster came on the screen. I guess it was something about him being a “monster” that sent her running in a panic whenever Cookie graced the screen.

When my own kids were little, they enjoyed the show which gave me an excuse to watch Cookie Monster, one of my favorite characters. I also liked The Count and Oscar the Grouch. My girls had stuffed Cookie Monsters more than any of the other characters, probably because he was MY favorite and I’m the one who bought them the toys! I still love Cookie Monster.

Today, when I opened iTunes, it began to download some of the podcasts that I subscribe to. One of them, NPR Driveway Moments, featured Cookie Monster today. I listened to it as soon as it was finished downloading then I went to NPR’s website for more information and a video—a very cute video. I found out more about Cookie from listening to an interview with puppeteer Frank Oz, who was the voice of Cookie Monster (as well as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Sam the Eagle, and Bert). Frank Oz summarizes that one of the reasons that Cookie was so well liked and so successful is that his character is sweet, sensuous, and tactile. All he wants is his cookie. When he gets it, he’s satisfied. And, in Frank Oz’s words, “…he is not going to knock anyone down to get his cookie; he’ll go around someone to get it but he won’t knock them down. He cares about others even if all he wants is his cookie…” Yeah, I think he’s right. Cookie’s a sweet guy. That must be why I like him so much!

I thought I would share the website info with you. To hear the interview, you will need iTunes, which is a free download if you don’t already have it. If you have it, you need to go to Podcasts and search for NPR. The program this interview was on is called “Driveway Moments” and it is the most recent podcast in the series. It’s a seven minute program. Once you’re done listening to the program, you can go to the website to watch the short and entertaining video of the “in studio interview” of Cookie Monster. The site is: http://www.npr.org/blogs/incharacter/2008/02/cookie_monster_comes_to_npr.htm



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Hoopla, Shoopla!

Okay, so we aren’t calling them memes anymore.  So that means I can make up my own rules.

My rules:

1. INVITE people, don’t tag!

2. Just do the parts you want to do; skip the rest!

3. Have fun; don’t stress!

My topic today is 13 Things I Should Be Doing Now But I’m Not!

1.  I should be doing the dishes, but I’m not.  They’ll only get dirty again so why bother?

2.  I should be thinking of making something for dinner, but I’m not.  Food is fattening, so why bother?

3.  I should be making up my bed, but I’m not.   My sheets are in the laundry, so it must wait!

4.  I should be packing up the Christmas stuff, but I’m not.  It’s only three days after Christmas so I can wait a week!

5.  I should be going the bank, but I’m not.  If I go get money, I’ll only spend it so let it stay there!

6.  I should be commenting on blogs, but I’m not.  People aren’t reading or writing much these days so I won’t pressure myself!

7.  I should be writing some blog posts to store up, but I’m not.  I’m not really inspired to write so I guess I’ll give it some time.

8.  I should be out shopping for groceries, but I’m not.  Like I said, food is fattening!

9.  I should be reading one of the books I gave myself for Christmas, but I’m not.  I just don’t feel like reading.  The blahs are taking over.

10.  I should be out taking a walk, but I’m not.  It’s freezing out and it’s wet.  I don’t want to get sick, again, so I’m staying in.

11.  I should be having a glass of champagne, but I’m not.  There’s always an excuse to drink champagne but it’s only 2 in the afternoon so I think I’ll wait an hour or so.

12.  I should be taking a nap, but I’m not.  I’m restless and couldn’t sleep if I tried so why try?

13.  I should be happy that I’m done with my thirteen things, but I’m not.  That means I will be sitting here wondering what else I can do!  Oh no!

Okay, so I invite you to write on this theme (no, it’s not a meme), or at least the parts of it that you feel like writing on.  Enjoy.  Don’t stress.  Do it, or not!

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Are You Nosey?

Okay, I admit it. I just used this title to get your attention! This is actually my 7 Random Things meme. Truddle tagged me.

I’m not great at following directions so I won’t tag anyone. I’m doing something a little different. Instead of tagging 7 people, I will tag myself 7 time so you will get 7 X 7 Random Things about me for a total of 49 Random Things About Me. Can you stomach 49? We shall see …

1. I’m older than I feel.

2. I feel a lot lighter than I am.

3. I’m an optimist.

4. One of my favorite singers used to be Kenny Rogers.

5. I have seen Kenny in concert.

6. I don’t really like country but I love Willie Nelson.

7. One of my dreams is to see Willie in concert. (more…)

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Seasonal Stuff

I love the Christmas season.  I always have.  Sometimes I am not ready for it until very late in the season.  There have been some years that I don’t feel the spirit of the season and I don’t feel like getting anything done toward our Christmas preparations.  Then there are some years that there’s no problem and no delay in getting ready for the season.

Today, I went to the Dollar Tree to get dishwashing detergent and a few other things.  They had tons of Christmas things in their aisles.  I surprised myself when I walked up and down the aisles putting things into my shopping cart.  I picked up cute snowmen kitchen towels and matching oven mitts.   I got a decoration for my front door.  It has jingle bells on it.  I even got a set of Christmas themed plastic juice glasses.  I got a little silver tin table top Christmas tree.  I know, tacky.  But I thought it was kind of cute.

When I went across the street to Longs, I found some nice sized poinsettia plants for only $3.99 each.  I didn’t get them because we’re expecting frost tonight and they’ll die.  However I think I might go back and get them tomorrow and just pull them inside at night time (or when the thermometer drops to 40 outside; which today was around 4 PM).  I just feel different this year.  I don’t know why.  I’m not going to fight it or question it.  I’m welcoming it now!

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