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One Thing I Know

One thing I know for sure is that, regardless of what I do, people will always criticize me.  I won’t make everyone happy  And, since that’s the case, I should just worry about me.  For once, I NEED to be selfish, even if  don’t want to.  Somehow, what I want for me will be seen as selfish, even though it is really what I have to have for my own survival.  I have to follow through with my plan.  I guess I should think again about what Jane said all those years ago: “Take care of yourself or you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.”


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Promise of Spring



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Writers Island Logo

This week’s Writer’s Island prompt is “empowered.”  Here is my contribution…

I’ve been through an awful lot and a lot of it could have been avoided if I had not been raised with certain traditional and cultural values.  Don’t get me wrong.  Values are wonderful but only if mixed with common sense and reason. (more…)

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I remember a lot from when I was growing up but usually it is the negative things that haunt my mind. It is a rare treat to think of …to remember… the happy times…the happy thoughts. High school was probably the happiest time of my life. I was someone. I mattered. People looked up to me. I had no obligations. My only duties were to keep my grades up and follow through on my extra curricular activities but that was okay. I loved school and I loved writing for the school newspaper. At school I could be me. At school I could be happy and honest. At school I could be myself. (more…)

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I took a taste of my eggs.  Well, not really eggs.  I use egg substitute.  I had concocted a mixture of the egg substitute, cheese, and some left over salsa.  It should have been delicious.  It wasn’t.  The egg substitute was bad.  So I had to dump it out.

Sigh.  I moved on to the cup of coffee I fixed for myself.  It  was horrible.  I know it was old coffee (maybe from three or four years ago) but that was all I had in the house.  I had used it just a few days ago and it was fine.  I don’t know what I did to it between then and now.  It was absolutely horrible today.

Sigh.  No more egg substitute.  No more coffee.  And it wet outside.  I don’t really want to go out.  But eventually, I will have to.  The cat food is almost gone.



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First Mistake/Last Mistake

You were my first mistake
Our youth got in our way
Our feelings kept quiet
Until it was too late

You were my foundation
When you found me
You gave me back
the self I needed so

You were my last mistake
Complete and utter trust
Until you said no more
I realized my mistake

First mistake
Last mistake
Everything else was

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I’m watching this television show where there is a fancy black and white ball. Two of the young girls show up wearing the exact same white formal gown. They both have the same color and length blonde hair. Of course one is much prettier than the other but that’s beside the point. The point being that it would be horribly embarrassing to wear the same dress as someone else to any kind of function. You figure that the two people will be continually compared to each other. (more…)

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