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I took a taste of my eggs.  Well, not really eggs.  I use egg substitute.  I had concocted a mixture of the egg substitute, cheese, and some left over salsa.  It should have been delicious.  It wasn’t.  The egg substitute was bad.  So I had to dump it out.

Sigh.  I moved on to the cup of coffee I fixed for myself.  It  was horrible.  I know it was old coffee (maybe from three or four years ago) but that was all I had in the house.  I had used it just a few days ago and it was fine.  I don’t know what I did to it between then and now.  It was absolutely horrible today.

Sigh.  No more egg substitute.  No more coffee.  And it wet outside.  I don’t really want to go out.  But eventually, I will have to.  The cat food is almost gone.




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Just a ramble

borrowed cemetery

life comes

then it goes

our time here is limited

live it

enjoy it

all else is meaningless

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Recently, I had the opportunity to watch the latest Jack Nicholson movie, The Bucket List.  Now this is not just a typical Jack Nicholson movie.  In The Bucket List, he has been paired with fellow Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman.   It is a delight to see these two work together in this comedy about very serious matter. (more…)

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Monday Memories

I decided to write something different, but I didn’t know what so I am starting off with something catchy like Monday Memories as a title to see if anything will come. Let’s see if anything does … (more…)

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I’m about to say something my mother would say.

Tonight I waited and waited.  She was supposed to be home by 10.  I cooked and had it all ready for her.  She wasn’t here.  I waited.  At 11 she still wasn’t here.  I reheated the food.  By 11:30 the spaghetti sauce had all but cooked away.  The noodles were soggy.

And in she walked at 11:45.

Did she call me?  Could she have?

No.  Yes.

Yeah, I sound like my mother, but really, she should have called me.

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During an interview with ABC’s Terry Moran, President Bush talked about bringing peace Israel and Palestine, the purpose of his recent trip to the troubled region.  I find it very interesting and hypocritical that Bush is on this mission to build peace in one area while bombing the hell out of another.  How can he see himself as a peacemaker when he is, in actuality, a warmonger?

Terry Moran asked Bush to comment on the fact that 2/3 of Americans don’t see him as a peacemaker, yet he is touting himself as such.  Bush’s answer was that “history will tell” a different story.  He thinks that in the long run, he will be seen as a peacemaker, not a warmonger.

I suppose it depends on who is writing the history books.  However, if those  books tell the truth, I don’t see how Bush will ever be seen as a peacemaker. 

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… is sometimes frustrating.  I love it but only when I can handle it and understand it and manipulate it to suit my needs.  I spent about four hours trying to figure out how to get ring tones on my phone.  Yeah, I have a program that I bought that creates ringtones and wallpapers.  I have created a number of ringtones to transfer to my phone.  I know I can download them but I don’t have an internet usage plan on my phone and I’m not even sure it would work if I downloaded it because I have never looked to see if it is set up.  So then I got a data cord for my phone.  Fine.  But now what?  Apparently I need some kind of software to be able to transfer data from my computer to my phone.  Great!  Next idea?  Well, I can send the ringtone that I created from my desktop to my laptop which is supposed to have blue tooth and then I can transfer that way.  Okay.  Did that.  One problem.  I haven’t used the blue tooth on my lap top and I don’t know how to work it.  The wizard keeps telling me it can’t find my phone even though I already set the phone to FIND ME status.  I kept trying it to no avail.  Well, perhaps it doesn’t work.  So now my next try will have to be tomorrow because I am absolutely exhausted.  I have a new USB blue tooth adapter that I bought.  I can set that up on either the laptop or the desktop and see if I can transfer that way.

I know, why don’t I just go ahead and buy a ringtone and have it sent to my phone and just pay for the ringtone and the transfer?  Well, that would be easy.  And besides, I like to have several ringtones,  not just one and AT & T charges $3 for each ringtone then there is the fee to download it.  Besides, I don’t want their standard ringtones.  I want something unique.  I’ve created a number of them, including one with my name in the song and several with oldies on them.  You can’t buy those.

And so, here it is, almost 4 AM and I am still struggling with technology!  I give up.  But just til I can get some rest, then I will tackle it again.  Why?  Because I am also very stubborn.

Wish me luck!

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