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It won’t arrive for over 12 hours in my time zone but I’m thinking ahead.

In the coming year, blog-wise, I plan some interesting (at least to me) things.  One of the most important is to develop my Must Read page.  I haven’t done what I wanted to do with that list.  I believe it will include titles I have enjoyed (and I will include magazine articles that you might want to read), a running list of books read in 2008, and the book I am currently reading.

The most important thing I want to do with the page, which will probably require the addition of a whole new page is to write extensive analysis of the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, including themes, characters, etc.  This is for a number of reasons, the primary one being that every day I get quite a few hits from searches for “To Kill A Mockingbird” and for the individual characters.  Being very sympathetic to students, I would like to have their voyage here be fruitful.  So in the coming months, I will work on that.  I will invite comments and exchange from readers on my novel page.  Stop by when there’s something there!

As I write a number of blogs, including one for which I am paid, my time is scattered.  So I will come up with a schedule and keep to it, if at all possible.  I’m thinking maybe posting new stuff here on this blog twice a week.  I’d actually like to do it three times a week but I will begin with twice and see if it can be upped to thrice.

I’d like to bring my readers back and keep the ones that faithfully come here to see if there is anything new.

So here’s to a fairly hectic 2007, all but gone and to the fast-approaching 2008.  May it bring more us all great things!


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Hoopla, Shoopla!

Okay, so we aren’t calling them memes anymore.  So that means I can make up my own rules.

My rules:

1. INVITE people, don’t tag!

2. Just do the parts you want to do; skip the rest!

3. Have fun; don’t stress!

My topic today is 13 Things I Should Be Doing Now But I’m Not!

1.  I should be doing the dishes, but I’m not.  They’ll only get dirty again so why bother?

2.  I should be thinking of making something for dinner, but I’m not.  Food is fattening, so why bother?

3.  I should be making up my bed, but I’m not.   My sheets are in the laundry, so it must wait!

4.  I should be packing up the Christmas stuff, but I’m not.  It’s only three days after Christmas so I can wait a week!

5.  I should be going the bank, but I’m not.  If I go get money, I’ll only spend it so let it stay there!

6.  I should be commenting on blogs, but I’m not.  People aren’t reading or writing much these days so I won’t pressure myself!

7.  I should be writing some blog posts to store up, but I’m not.  I’m not really inspired to write so I guess I’ll give it some time.

8.  I should be out shopping for groceries, but I’m not.  Like I said, food is fattening!

9.  I should be reading one of the books I gave myself for Christmas, but I’m not.  I just don’t feel like reading.  The blahs are taking over.

10.  I should be out taking a walk, but I’m not.  It’s freezing out and it’s wet.  I don’t want to get sick, again, so I’m staying in.

11.  I should be having a glass of champagne, but I’m not.  There’s always an excuse to drink champagne but it’s only 2 in the afternoon so I think I’ll wait an hour or so.

12.  I should be taking a nap, but I’m not.  I’m restless and couldn’t sleep if I tried so why try?

13.  I should be happy that I’m done with my thirteen things, but I’m not.  That means I will be sitting here wondering what else I can do!  Oh no!

Okay, so I invite you to write on this theme (no, it’s not a meme), or at least the parts of it that you feel like writing on.  Enjoy.  Don’t stress.  Do it, or not!

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This is a response to Smiler’s post.  I won’t tag.  I just needed a quick post idea, thanks!  I know a lot of this makes it sound like I don’t like Christmas but nothing could be further from the truth.  I love it.  But it’s over and so here we go with some post Christmas fun …

1.  I’m not Santa so I don’t have that pressure!

2.  You can enjoy the gift giving without eating.

3.  You can enjoy the eating without gift giving.

4.  A great many people are happy on this one day.

5.  It means the end of the year is upon us and who doesn’t want a new start?

6.  We only have to listen to Christmas music for a few days!

7.  More people smile at strangers during this time.

8.  Families try to get together during the holiday.

9.  Traditions are re-visited.  Some are re-lived and some are modified and made better!

10.  Holiday light displays can be absolutely awesome!

11.  The weather outside makes one glad to be staying indoors!  Unless you have a job that keeps you outside, then I extend my sympathies.

12.  It only comes once a year!  Yay!

13.  It’s over ’til next year!  Double Yay!

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I was at Borders earlier this evening and while at the Customer Self Serve Info counter,  I overheard one of the clerks answer the phone, now mind you, she’s a Customer Information Clerk.

Clerk: I’m sorry but I don’t know what kind of books you mean.


Clerk: Oh, talking books!  You mean audio books, right?  Okay, what’s the title and I will see if we have it in the store.


Clerk: I’m sorry.  That was Tom who?  Brokaw?  Do you know the name of it?  No.  That’s okay, let me see if someone here can help.  Hang on.

She looks at another clerk and says, “Can you believe this woman?  She wants me to find her a ‘talking book’.  She means audio books but she asked for ‘talking books’.”  She laughs and rolls her eyes.  Then she turns on her headset and talks into it, “Does anyone know how to spell Brokaw, as in Tom Brokaw?”

I couldn’t resist.  I rolled my eyes and said, “B-R-O-K-A-W.”  She looked at me like she didn’t understand me and I repeated it.  Then she said, “Like this?” as she pointed to the monitor.  She had typed b-r-o-w-k-a.  I said, “No.  I said it is B-R-O-K-A-W.”  She fixed it and then pushed “Enter” and I heard her say, “Oh!  BOOM!  I didn’t know that was the author.  I thought the author was some journalist!”

I rolled my eyes and walked away!

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Ebay Fun

Once a year I put about $300 into my Paypal account so it is there if I need to buy anything on Ebay or elsewhere.  My daughter often finds things and asks me to pay for them for her on Paypal because she doesn’t have an account.  This year I spent most of the $300 on a few Christmas things for my daughter.  One item, the most expensive, was actually something she wanted and I looked and looked and lost about five auctions for the item.  Finally, I got one!  Then I found two little things for her, unexpectedly.  They are vintage jewelry pieces, which I’m pretty sure she will love.  That left me a little over $100.  I decided that I would look for a few things for me.  Just for fun.  So now I am bidding on a number of items, mostly vintage jewelry items for 4 and 5 dollars each.   One item is actually at $23 right now.  I have to decide how badly I want it.  It has almost a day left so it is sure to go up and I have to decide what I want to pay for it.

It’s fun to shop on Ebay.  You get photos, a description, and get to comparison shop.  I enjoy it.  Then there’s the thrill of competing for the item in the auction.  That can cause some anxiety but it can also be a lot of fun.  And you don’t have to get dressed or step outside your door or waste gas.

My kind of shopping!

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I usually hate to go to the post office. A trip there is usually at least an hour lost. However, some things are just not avoidable all year round. I’ve had to go there four times in the past week and a half. I pick the smaller post office where there is more parking and fewer people, but it is still a high stress situation for me. (more…)

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I don’t watch The View.  I used to.  I got tired of the cross-talk and the utterly stupid things said on that show; things that people take as gospel.   Often, however, the show is on in the background as I blog.  It was this morning. (more…)

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